Our Process
Step 1: Request an Estimate
To ensure the accuracy of your estimate it is important that you provide the following desired selections for your project:
Material—The type of material used in your project will affect the cost. Signature Stone inventory slabs and remnants are most desirable due to availability and waste allocation. However, any material can be acquired even if we don’t stock it.
    Type of Stone: (i.e Granite, Marble. Quartz, Travertine, Onyx etc.)
     Color of Stone: (i.e Blue Pearl, Crema Marfil, Uba Tuba etc.)
     Thickness of Stone: 2cm (3/4”) 3cm (1 1/4”) or laminated
Edge Profile—The type of edge treatment selected will add the finishing touches to your installed project. Signature Stone offers 17 edge profile selections—more than ANY other competitor in Central Florida. Choose from Standard, Mid Upgrade, Premium Upgrade, & Custom Upgrade. 
Cutouts—Under-mount sinks offer the sleekest, cleanest design, and provide the most elegant look for your countertops. All under mount sinks are cut to their designated manufacturer’s specifications. Other types of cutouts include: top mount sinks, electrical outlets, cook tops, and down drafts.
Backsplash— Almost all countertops will require back and side splashes. Indicate if you would like the standard 4” backsplash, full height backsplash, or no backsplash
Drawings—Cabinet drawings indicating measurements with additional side elevations are ideal.  Scaled blue prints or legible hand drawings are also acceptable.  Indicate locations for walls, appliances, sinks, and polished edge profiles.  Better yet—call your SIGNATURE STONE specialist for a field measure and FREE in home consultation today.
Step 2: Contracting SIGNATURE STONE
If our price and terms are agreeable, it’s best to start the process immediately! In order to allow our project coordinators the time to procure all necessary materials (slabs, sinks and faucets, and appliance information) required prior to template, it is highly advised to start the contracting process around 4 weeks before you foresee needing your project installed.  It’s very important we work with each other to keep your project on schedule! Typical turn around time from deliverables to installation is only 7-10 working days contingent upon a satisfactory approved authorization fabrication form. For those running behind schedule, don’t fret scheduling is negotiable.
Step 3: Template
Our scheduling department will determine your template date based upon client availability and project readiness.  We will arrange our template technician to arrive at the job site once all cabinets are completely installed (secure and level). It is very important that you make sure your jobsite is ready; Communication is the key! We will insist you or your agent is present to discuss the details of the project. Items usually discussed include seam locations, overhangs, and cutouts. Most bar tops will require supports, Signature Stone can supply them for a small fee or you can provide them.  Please make sure that the work area is clear and that all appliances and sink selections are available for inspection.

Step 4: Blue Print
Our AutoCAD designer will then digitize your template
and obtain an accurate square footage.
Step 4: Fabrication
Signature Stone employs only the finest craftsmen who take pride in our workmanship and are committed to quality. Our fabrication team will determine your best seam locations. We use traditional methods along with modern technology.  Signature Stone provides a 1 year warranty on the labor to fabricate and install your stone.  We invite you to view your project in fabrication.

Step 5: Installation
Installation will take place one to two weeks from template & deliverables depending on the scope of work and readiness. We try to accommodate your needs as best as possible. Please let us know of any specific requests as far in advance so we can plan for a smooth installation. Most installations will take only one day to complete, and your home will be cleaned to a broom swept condition.  In the case of remodels the homeowner should reasonably expect touch up drywall, paint, and wallpaper after completion of contracted work. All electrical, gas, and plumbing for cook tops, and sinks must be disconnected prior to installation.  Our quality control specialists will see that your project is promptly and professionally completed.  Arrange a qualified plumber to reconnect plumbing no sooner than 24 hours after the completion of your installation.